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Phillips Foodservice Mushroom Products Are:

  • Frozen for maximum shelf-life
  • Ready to use with little or no preparation
  • Provide big-flavor and an excellent source of Umami
  • Have excellent texture, flavor, and consistency system-wide
  • 100% usable product

Sautéed Mushroom Products
Phillips’ proprietary sauté process allows our mushrooms to go through the freeze/thaw cycle without destroying their cell structure. This gives our mushrooms a freshly sautéed texture and unsurpassed flavor. A simple salt, pepper, garlic seasoning provides flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

Ready to use for:

  • Protein Toppings
  • Sandwich Fillings
  • Pasta Dishes
  • Sauces, Stuffings, Dips, Sides
  • Any recipe calling for mushrooms

ProductDescriptionPack SizeProduct Code
Sautéed Whites1/4" sliced IQF16 / 1-lb bagsSAUMR40311
Sautéed Portabellas1/4" sliced IQF16 / 1-lb bagsSAUP1041

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 2.36.55 PM

Sautéed Roasted Mushrooms
Our Sautéed Roasted Mushrooms are recipe-ready with the flavor and texture of freshly prepared mushrooms. Freshly seasoned mushrooms are roasted in our state-of-the-art, open-flame roaster. The result is a mushroom that tastes like it just came off the grill. Discover the consistent, convenient, and robust flavor of our sautéed roasted mushrooms.

ProductDescriptionPack SizeProduct Code
Seasoned Sautéed-Roasted Whites1/4" sliced IQF10 / 2-lb bagsSRM48102
Seasoned Sautéed-Roasted Portabella1/4" sliced IQF10 / 2-lb bagsSRP17102

Blending Mushrooms

Blend-Ready Mushrooms

Diced, roasted, moisture-reduced and then frozen, the Blend-Ready mushrooms offer versatility for every chef. Whether you're a self-blender or want to make your meatballs, taco, chili, and more even healthier this product delivers on versatility, consistency, reduces waste, and saves on prep-time. The Blend-Ready Mushroom is available in 5-lb packs.

ProductDescriptionPack SizeProduct Code
Diced Roasted Blend-Ready Mushrooms1/4" diced10 / 2-lb bagsFR56102

Blended Burger

Blended B.A.M. (Beef and Mushroom) Burger available in:

  • 4.0-ounce patty
  • 3.2-ounce patty

Ground beef, mushrooms, and seasoning. The B.A.M. Blended Burger is 60/40 U.S. ground beef and mushrooms with a touch of seasoning. Delicious. Healthy. Sustainable. Simple ingredients. No GMO. More information

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 2.48.13 PM

Blended Chub is a healthy and sustainable alternative for any recipe where ground all-beef is used. It's never been easier to enjoy healthier versions of your favorite recipes without sacrificing taste and texture. Chub, with its diced mushrooms, matches the texture of 100% ground bee and can be used in recipes you love such as burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, tacos, lasagna, and pasta sauce. More information

DIY – For the Do-It-Yourself blenders, try our new diced, roasted Blending Mushrooms which are moisture-reduced allowing for great texture, shaping of patties, and rich umami-flavor.

Standing out while Blending In...

There has never been more demand for chefs to serve healthier meals that reduce calories, sodium, and cholesterol – while not sacrificing flavor. "The Blend", is an innovative solution to making healthier and environmentally friendly meal choices.

Phillips B.A.M. Blended Burger and Chub are delicious, healthy, and sustainable. These products are for consumers who prefer to keep some meat in their diet while making healthier and impactful eating changes. Thanks for mushrooms' umami taste, studies confirm you can maintain the delicious flavor of recipes you love while reducing sodium by 25%.

The benefits of cooking with the Beef and Mushroom Blend are clear:

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