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Phillips Foodservice Mushroom Products Are:

  • Frozen for maximum shelf-life
  • Ready to use with little or no preparation
  • Provide big-flavor and an excellent source of Umami
  • Have excellent texture, flavor, and consistency system-wide
  • 100% usable product
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Sautéed Mushroom Products
Phillips’ proprietary sauté process allows our mushrooms to go through the freeze/thaw cycle without destroying their cell structure. This gives our mushrooms a freshly sautéed texture and unsurpassed flavor. A simple salt, pepper, garlic seasoning provides flexibility for a wide variety of applications.

Ready to use for:

  • Protein Toppings
  • Sandwich Fillings
  • Pasta Dishes
  • Sauces, Stuffings, Dips, Sides
  • Any recipe calling for mushrooms

ProductDescriptionPack SizeProduct Code
Sautéed White (lightly seasoned)1/4" sliced IQF16 / 1-lb bagsSAUMR40311
Sautéed Portabella (lightly seasoned)1/4" sliced IQF16 / 1-lb bagsSAUP1041

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Sautéed Roasted Mushrooms
Our Sautéed-Roasted Mushrooms are recipe-ready with the flavor and texture of freshly prepared mushrooms. Freshly seasoned mushrooms are roasted in our state-of-the-art, open-flame roaster. The result is a mushroom that tastes like it just came off the grill. Discover the consistent, convenient, and robust flavor of our sautéed roasted mushrooms.

ProductDescriptionPack SizeProduct Code
Sautéed-Roasted Whites (lightly seasoned)1/4" sliced IQF10 / 2-lb bagsSRM48102
Sautéed-Roasted Portabella (lightly seasoned)1/4" sliced IQF10 / 2-lb bagsSRP17102

The benefits of cooking with the Beef and Mushroom Blend are clear:

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