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Available products:

  • Sauteéed Roasted Steak Cut Portabella
  • Sautéed Roasted Sliced White
  • Blend-Ready® Moisture-Reduced Mushrooms (great for blending)
  • Mushroom Medley (Sautéed Fire-Roasted White, Sautéed Fire-Roasted Portabellas, and Sliced Shiitakes


We do custom packs – you name it. We work with our customers' specs to deliver the best quality product possible.


About Our Club Packs / Private Label Packs

Phillips Gourmet Sautéed Fire-Roasted mushrooms are recipe-ready with the flavor and texture of freshly prepared mushrooms. Our freshly Sautéed and Seasoned Mushrooms are roasted in our state-of-the-art, open-flame roaster. The result is a mushroom that tastes like it just came off the grill. Our Sautéed Roasted Mushrooms are IQF and Umami-rich. We are currently working with major retail stores to deliver our quality mushroom products to meet their shelving requirements. We'd be honored to work with your establishments.

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For more information, please contact Jim Snyder, National Retail Sales, U.S. and Canada (303) 501-4161