There are over 2,500 mushroom varieties grown in the world today. Gourmet mushrooms offer a veritable palette of distinct flavors and textures to draw upon. While White mushrooms are the most commonly used cultivated variety, the more exotic mushrooms - Portabella, Shiitake, and Crimini - are becoming increasingly popular. Americans are becoming more familiar with the exotic varieties, as evidenced by their popularity in fresh produce sections of grocery stores and by their appearance in magazine and newspaper food section recipes. Mainstream restaurants now offer exotics on their menus and food manufacturers are using them as ingredients as well.

Phillips Gourmet, Inc. a division of Phillips Mushroom Farms, has been cultivating mushrooms for over 75 years. As a pioneer in the mushroom industry, Phillips Mushroom Farms was among the first to recognize and respond to the growing demand for exotic varieties. At Phillips Gourmet, Inc., we offer a number of exotic mushrooms for use in food manufacturing. The ranges of processing types we have available (through our Industrial Division) are suitable for multiple food applications. Since we grow the majority of our mushrooms on-site, we process our mushrooms within three days of harvesting. This gives our mushroom products a fresh-like flavor, color, and texture. 


White Button  (Agaricus bisporus) The White Button mushroom is the most popular grocery store mushroom. They're very easy to cook, hold their flavor well, are healthy and affordable. When selecting a White Button Mushroom, look for young specimens with unopened caps and no signs of bruising or sliminess.

  • The White Mushroom will last longer in your refrigerator than many other mushrooms, usually around a week. It's better to store them in a paper bag rather than plastic. They'll last even longer if you take the time to put them in paper!
  • Can be used in almost any recipe.
  • Try them in soups, stews, and stir frys.
  • Use them as a flavorful topping for meat, fish, poultry, or pizza.
  • Marinate, sauté, skewer or grill them.

Portabello  (Agaricus bisporus)

Impressive in size and appearance with a diameter up to 6 inches. Portabellas have a longer growing cycle than Whites and Criminis resulting in a deep earthier full-bodied flavor. They have a rich medium dark brown color.

  • Applicable to most cooking techniques, whole, sliced or diced 
  • Excellent in appetizers, side dishes, entrees, sauces, gravies, soups and stir-fries
  • Use as a meat alternative in a vegetarian entree 
  • Compliments meat, poultry, and fish dishes
  • Provides an upscale visual impact
Crimini copy

Crimini (Agaricus bisporus)

Crimini (also known as Cremino) is a tan to brown mushroom with firm buttery texture. The Crimini has a similar shape to the White mushroom and is up to 3 inches in diameter. It has closed gills as it is immature Portabella

  • Deeper, earthier flavor than white button mushrooms
  • Works will every cooking method – sautéed, broiled or microwave
  • Can be used in all applications calling for white mushrooms
  • Retains tawny color when cooked
Shiitake mushrooms on the white background.

Shiitake  (Lentinus edodes)

Shiitakes range in color from tan to dark brown with broad, umbrella-shaped caps, wide open veils, and tan gills. Shiitakes can be up to 3 inches in diameter and their caps have a soft, spongy texture. When cooked, Shiitake mushrooms, have a mild, yet rich and woodsy flavor with a meaty texture.

  • Shiitakes adapt well to most cooking techniques
  • The delicate flavor and meaty texture for stir-fry's, pasta, soups, entrees and side dishes
  • Especially suited to imparting an Oriental influence to a dish
  • Provides an up-market product image

Oyster (Pleurotus)

Oyster mushrooms are a species of Pleurotus and are some of the most commonly cultivated edible mushrooms in the world. The king trumpet mushrooms is the larges species in the oyster mushroom genus They are simple to cook and offer a delicate and sweet flavor.

  • Used in stir-fry or sauté because they are constantly thin, and so will cook more evenly than other mushrooms

A number of dried mushroom products are available. For more information, please contact Kate Foley.