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Choosing the best mushroom product for your application

Individual Quick Frozen (IQF)

IQF is an individually quick frozen mushroom that is free-flowing and will not clump together for ease of use. As the largest grower and processor of specialty mushrooms in the U.S., Phillips Gourmet is your one-stop source for all your frozen mushroom needs. We have a growing capacity and production efficiency to provide reliable and affordable mushroom products to suit your specific requirements. Innovation and response to consumer trends drive our product lineup. Whether you want a fresh IQF product, blanched or roasted, we can help.

Dried Mushrooms

Dried Mushrooms can be used in many ways to add flavor and value to your dishes and seasoning blends. We offer more sought after varieties for industrial use. We also offer domestic portabella and champignon, which are grown on our farm and dried in our own facility.

Best Applications for IQF Mushroom Products

For a complete Industrial Sales Product List or for more information, please contact Bill Green:

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