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Blended Chub is a healthy and sustainable alternative for any recipe where a ground all-beef is used. Blended It has all the health, flavor, and sustainability benefits as the burger but opens up the door for all the creations a chef can imagine – tacos, meatballs, chili, stuffed peppers, and more! Start imagining and cooking up healthier creations.

The Blended Chub will instantly take any typical ground all-beef recipe and make it substantially healthier. The beef and mushroom blend offers great flavor, moisture, and nutrition to every recipe. This product can be used as a replacement to any all ground beef recipe. The result, the chef is the hero because they're cooking up delicious while delivery a healthier and much more sustainable product. A little change can make a big difference!

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ItemUnit Per CaseSpecificationDOTMFGGTIN
Phillips Gourmet Blended Burger 4 oz 40 / 4 oz11 lbs, 0.5 cube, 10 per layer, 130 per pallet693760BURR2104000641888210404
Phillips Gourmet Blended Burger 3.2 oz50 / 3.2 oz11 lbs, 0.5 cube, 10 per layer, 120 per pallet705371BURR103200641888103201
Chub for a Self-Blending Option4 / 5 lb21 lbs / 0.51 cube, 9 per layer, 81 per pallet688614BURCH204500641888204502